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Title: Discount not working
Post by: Stitch on 19-12-18, 10:42PM
Hi all,

Ever since the most recent double discount my discount has completely stopped working! I rang the Colleague Clubcard helpline last Friday to which I was informed that in "turning on the double discount it knocked out a few thousand colleague cards so their discount got knocked out". After being informed of this I was told I'd have to go to Customer Service to get a paid out, so I did this which was a pain in the backside! Thankfully there wasn't much of a queue the time I went and they were super helpful!

Then the headaches begin.....I hadn't used my discount since the end of the double discount til today. I kinda just assumed now double discount is over it'd be working again.....I assumed wrong! Go to use it today still nothing, ring the Collleague Clubcard again and get told the issue is still on going and just keep going Customer Service and they put down the phone....Only thing is when I was able to go there afterwards (after my shift and the helping closed) I was greeted by being told I'm wrong and  it's all I didn't get my discount refunded and was told I probably run out of discount (when I know I haven't and as anyone knows if you reach your limit a message appears telling you so which there was none with me) and to call the Colleague Clubcard helpline again >:(

My question is did anyone else have this issue? And if you did are you still suffering with it?

All of this is such a ball ache dealing with it!! :( :(
Title: Re: Discount not working
Post by: m360 on 19-12-18, 11:08PM
Ongoing issue with a small number of cards.

Front end managers have had comms to issue refunds through CSD
Title: Re: Discount not working
Post by: Extrastore on 20-12-18, 07:10PM
Same with mine, though yesterday it would not work on checkout tills but did work on CSD tills!
Title: Re: Discount not working
Post by: Diva-dog on 31-12-18, 04:34PM
Mine hasn't worked since November.  Contacted the helpline and was told that the card would be re-registered within 24 hours - it worked once, then reverted back to no discount.

My discount showed that I had used £440 in August, but on the September/October/November payslips, although I had used the discount card - the amount stayed the same, (£440).

I received an email on Friday, explaining that my card had been checked, and I had used all the discount I had left, meaning I had spent over £5,500 within three months - I'm a GA, no other income, I don't earn that amount.

Title: Re: Discount not working
Post by: lackofinterest on 31-12-18, 11:01PM
shop elsewhere from now on!! >:D
Title: Re: Discount not working
Post by: Flatout on 03-01-19, 07:30AM
Is the discount considered a benefit in kind?? if it is, are you taxed on the amount discounted??
Title: Re: Discount not working
Post by: Walker on 03-01-19, 02:25PM
My understanding is that the staff discount is below the marginal cost of production and so you don't need to pay tax on it (

Or, in non-legal, Tesco still makes a profit on the goods they are selling us. If they were selling it at a loss we'd have to pay tax.
Title: Re: Discount not working
Post by: lordadmiral on 03-01-19, 04:05PM (
Staff discount is nothing else as expense for Tesco so less tax is paid at the end of the year. Tesco is selling goods with profit margin of hundrets of %. Not all but still.
Not everyone is able to buy enough goods to max out discount (£1000) so company is saving milions by paying lower wage but offering discount that only few really uses.
And final bit. Tesco discount would be trully worth it if it was 20% all year long.
Title: Re: Discount not working
Post by: Extrastore on 04-01-19, 03:00PM
Mine stopped working again, reported to help desk yesterday again. they said new card would not solve problem, issue is at their end. Should be ok in 7 days.
Title: Re: Discount not working
Post by: lackofinterest on 04-01-19, 04:43PM
why don't people start shopping elsewhere if they can't get their discount??? 8-)
Title: Re: Discount not working
Post by: Diva-dog on 06-01-19, 07:05PM
I have  ;)
Title: Re: Discount not working
Post by: Mully on 11-01-19, 01:56AM
Yes I’m going through exactly the same as you now being told I’m out of discount 😡💩I pointed out to them that on my last payslip discount showed at £424 so impossible to be out they’re reply to that was the payslips haven’t been accurate for a few months??? I know myself it’s total c**p  I hadn’t even made any big purchases this year like I did in other years , their I.T is prehistoric 😡😡😡 so frustrating is an understatement
Title: Re: Discount not working
Post by: Adywebb on 11-01-19, 11:04PM
I have the same issue, it started before the double discount and have also now been told its because I’ve used it all which doesn’t seem right to me.
They have refused to send me details of my clubcard spend as ‘it is alot of work’ I am now submitting a formal data request to obtan it.
Title: Re: Discount not working
Post by: amex on 12-01-19, 09:09AM
Has anybody else noticed on this months payslip there is no record of discount in the left hand side as usually is? 
Title: Re: Discount not working
Post by: Welshie on 12-01-19, 06:31PM
Alex, discount on payslip didn't change Aug-nov and then disappeared in Dec.  Something to do with rebooting the payslip site because people couldn't get on to it .
Title: Re: Discount not working
Post by: brucie on 19-01-19, 07:25PM
Went to use my discount card yesterday and guess what no discount . rang helpline plenty discount left will try and get it up and running next week.
Title: Re: Discount not working
Post by: jassy1 on 23-03-19, 09:43AM
Is anyone else having this problem?  :question: I think there are a lot of people potentially affected by this. Discount stopped working a while ago for me. I didn't notice at first so not sure exactly when it stopped.

Thanks to this thread I called the helpline and they said they'd text me some details about my allowance (on the phone I was calling from). All very strange but I did get a text moments later:
We've been working hard to fix the issues you have been experiencing with you staff discount. We can confirm that this is due to your allowance limit being reached. Your discount allowance will be reset on April 1st

However.... the limit is £1000. And checking my payslips prior to the problem and I'm averaging about £55 a month! The final Discount on my Payslip is £289 (over 5 months from April to August). So, for the remaining 7 months I have about £700 of discount remaining. There's no chance of my average monthly Tesco shop suddenly doubling to £1000 a month!! Given that I hardly ever use cash, I can check my Bank and Credit Card history from August for Tesco payments.... I think I might... 8-)

After getting this text message and reading this forum, I thought I would try the Customer Services Desk and low and behold.... I got discount!! But wait... the text says I have used my allowance!  :question: :question: :question: :o

So what now?
Put simply: The text message was a blatant lie!

So, I think today I will go and fill my trolley as usual for the week and queue at Customer Services since this is the only till that actually works! Tesco will soon get fed up. ;)
But perhaps there's another way: I think I can request to store my transaction at the till when the Staff Discount doesn't come off. And simply recall the transaction it at the CSD. This is a complete PITA but at least I'm getting my discount.

I'm going to assume that my discount stopped at the start of February - judging by this forum it might have been January. Most likely I'm going to call (and as will probably be required, write) the helpline again and ask to be reimbursed for my average discount spend of £55 per month. Which for Feb and Mar = £110. If that fails I will send them my bank statements and Credit Card and reference this forum as evidence of not receiving discount and ask that Tesco send me details to prove otherwise. I'm sure on the till system it's possible to find my transactions using my debit / credit / discount card.

It may not seem like much to some people but I earn minimum wage not even living wage so Staff Discount is an important benefit to me and Tesco have taken that away  from me!   :'(
Title: Re: Discount not working
Post by: lucgeo on 23-03-19, 10:06AM
I also had this problem early Feb, I noticed straight away buying my usual few bits on the way into work that morning....phoned clubcard who's asked for my number which is on the back of the card above the black strip....was told it was a system error with new technology being installed on self serve and would be passed to the tech team.....fixed by the next day.

If your payslip is saying you haven't reached the limit, you know you haven't reached your limit, you're still receiving discount on other pay desks, then ask them to rectify or you will grievance on witholding payment on your full "pay rise" statement which was calculated to include your discount spend.
Title: Re: Discount not working
Post by: Redshoes on 23-03-19, 11:33AM
If you can check back on your pay slips as I think there was a pay slip reporting error.
Title: Re: Discount not working
Post by: Jasper5 on 25-03-19, 09:39AM
I have also had problems with my card not working since the recent double discount weekend. I have been going round in circles trying to get a straight answer to the question of how much I have spent. They have told me I have reached the limit, but having gone through my own bank statements I don’t think this is correct.

I asked them to provide me with the monthly spend breakdown we used to get on our payslips and have been bounced between the helpline and the benefits email address numerous times, with no answer as of yet. The last person I spoke to admitted that she does not have access to the information I need, as all they can look at is total clubcard qualifying spend, which is not the same as discount qualifying spend.

I have sent another email asking them to provide me with this information, which they must have on a system in order to tell me I have reached the limit. I have also copied the email to Dave Lewis’ office in the hopes it will speed up the reply. It is incredibly frustrating trying to get it sorted, especially when you consider that they include discount as part of our pay/benefits package!
Title: Re: Discount not working
Post by: Minniemouse on 25-03-19, 11:47AM
Mine not working too. Told I’ve reached my limit but I’ve never done so in 8 years and I certainly spend less now.
Title: Re: Discount not working
Post by: Jasper5 on 25-03-19, 03:26PM
Discount has just worked on my latest purchase   8-). Still waiting for a reply to the email I sent on Thursday.
Title: Re: Discount not working
Post by: jester21 on 25-03-19, 03:57PM
Hiya Jasper5, I have had trouble as well if you go online to your wages I think the last one was Nov or Dec time where it is shown on your payslip how much discount you have used, then you can judge what you have done in the following months etc.
Title: Re: Discount not working
Post by: Jasper5 on 25-03-19, 11:00PM
Thanks jester21. We’ve been through our bank statements to add up all the Tesco spending for both clubcards and come to as accurate an amount as possible, adding in a bit for the odd cash payment. With the figure I came up, plus adding a bit to be in the safe side, I still don’t think I’ve reached the limit. Still awaiting a reply to my email.
Title: Re: Discount not working
Post by: jester21 on 26-03-19, 08:48AM
Hiya Jasper5, in my store People have took their receipt to customer services and got there discount money back, that is worth a try at your store while you wait for an email?
Title: Re: Discount not working
Post by: Jasper5 on 26-03-19, 10:04AM
Hi jester21, I did claim back at the desk the first time I experienced a problem but now I have just been saving my receipts up. If it turns out my calculations are wrong and I have reached the limit, then I don’t want to have claimed something I’m not entitled to. I’m waiting on an actual answer to determine whether or not I can claim it back. It is just extremely tedious that it is all taking so long to sort something which should be straightforward!
Title: Re: Discount not working
Post by: jester21 on 26-03-19, 11:25AM
Hiya Jasper5 also have you tried your discount on tesco online i have tried it this morning and it did take my discount off, i am working tonite so i will see if it does at the tills, yeh like you say something straightforward!
Title: Re: Discount not working
Post by: Eadie123 on 23-05-19, 11:45AM
Can I ask if any members here have a clubcard for life that is not working? My partner worked for Tesco for 30+ years which entitled him to the staff discount for life but it hasnt worked for over 6 months and Tesco just dont want to know saying its a techical problem and they are working on it. Funnily enough I was made redundant on May 10th and my staff discount card was magically switched off within the week. Seems the technical team can quite easily switch cards off but struggle to turn them on!!