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Title: partnership agreement
Post by: Wearethehearts on 26-11-18, 02:14PM
It says in the partnership agreement that where possible Tesco will try to resolve all matters informally where possible, I've been asked by a union rep if I have ever heard of any written complaint to store, Tesco, or Dave lewis that has even been been dealt with informally or do tesco ignore this and go straight to formal investigation, anyone have examples ?? also, please can folk be as specific as possible as this rep wants to raise this matter with Amanada Folkes as a matter of concern.

I have heard of 4 in the last year, from not serving a drunk customer to allegedly swearing at a customer who had just thrown a punch at the colleague all went to formal straight away, anyone got other examples.

I'm not saying some if not most should be formal but I refuse to accept every single one should as a matter of course be formal investigation with the stress and concern this causes members.
Title: Re: partnership agreement
Post by: lucgeo on 26-11-18, 03:04PM
Every customer complaint ( in the last 10 years) has resulted in a disciplinary for the said colleague....even ones where it was argued to be a vendetta against staff...letters of apology are sent to the customer...apart from when it's a line manager...then it's a lets talk :-X :-X

Before that we had a down to earth, old time manager who always stood up for the staff, but also dealt strongly with the odd stroppy colleague who was known to be mouthy. Even one customer who stood on the shopfloor, between the SM and colleague, insisting on a written letter of apology, was assured by the SM that it wasn't necessary as they just needed to turn around and apologise to the staff member concerned personally. Her face was a picture as she strode out swearing never to set foot in the place again....yep she's still a regular  :D
Title: Re: partnership agreement
Post by: penguin on 26-11-18, 07:48PM
Tesco tend to go straight to investigation and believe the customer if its one person's word against another, its getting even worse for staff in all shops and customer facing roles with people complaining over nothing half the time via social media knowing it will get a response from the said company and a good will offering, regardless of what impact it might have on some ones job. I know of one woman who brags about doing it in order to get vouchers and gift cards from shops. Fair enough there are times when staff are in the wrong and in those occasions it should be dealt with but it tends to be a case of blame the worker and appease the customer at times without any proof of what went on other than some ones rant on facebook or an e-mail sent to store or head office.
Title: Re: partnership agreement
Post by: Cairney39 on 26-11-18, 09:38PM
I try my very best not to take complaints, either written or verbal, down the formal route. This is because any complaint from a customer can’t be investigated properly at interview, there exists only a one sided complaint. I’m an express SM.
Title: Re: partnership agreement
Post by: Mr Grumpy on 27-11-18, 08:31AM
I was a rep in a large store for many many years, and unfortunately EVERY case of a customer complaint that was investigated the managers always presumed the member of staff was guilty.  Speaking to many a rep over the years, this was the case in the majority of stores as clearly a cultural thing to throw your staff under the bus.

Cairney39, you sound the very good opposite to what I've experienced and I applaud you for standing by your staff and giving them the benefit of a fair outcome  :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
Title: Re: partnership agreement
Post by: Bobby789 on 06-01-19, 08:50PM
I'm a manager so deal with customer complaints. I listen to the customer and tell them I will investigate and apologise.   
I just want to defuse the situation. I want the customer to know the complaint has been heard and action will be taken.
I talk to the colleagues informally first, never in front of the customer. 
I NEVER just assume the colleague is guilty. We talk about what happen and how words or actions could have given the customer a reason to complain or that the customer was just being bloody rude for no good reason.
Bottom line is managers need to know their people, support them.

Title: Re: partnership agreement
Post by: 1 on 08-01-19, 01:02PM
Guilty unless you can prove otherwise is how it is in reality. Many managers say they support the colleague but don't.
Title: Re: partnership agreement
Post by: Bobby789 on 28-01-19, 11:02PM
Actually thought it was innocent until proven guilty.
Title: Re: partnership agreement
Post by: lackofinterest on 29-01-19, 02:27AM
not with tosco it isnt......unless youre a fraudulent director of course!!
Title: Re: partnership agreement
Post by: Victor on 30-01-19, 02:38PM
Aren't a bunch of them now suing for unfair dismissal? 
Title: Re: partnership agreement
Post by: bugsbunny on 30-01-19, 06:43PM
Chris Bush is