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Title: Maternity Leave
Post by: Taymay61 on 10-05-18, 11:53AM
Okay, So I need some help and I'll provide a little background.

I joined the store with my interviewer knowing I was in my third trimester. I expressed repeatedly that I would like to come back after taking time off for maternity.

I'm now coming up to the final few weeks of my pregnancy, and I'm getting worried. My Temp-Flexi contract expires just after my EDOB, and even though my manager has assured me that they're happy to keep me on afterwards, (I'm only planning to take 6 months of leave if that) I can't help feeling worried that If I take more than the mandatory two weeks off I may not be renewed.

Any ideas at all?
Title: Re: Maternity Leave
Post by: captain on 10-05-18, 12:50PM
Don't worry,
There's an unwritten rule in employment that pregnant people are unsackable.

If your contract is terminated, including temp then the employment lawyers will have a field day and will queue up to fight your case.

Tesco know this, so, once again you are virtually unsackable in regards to your contract.

Before all the posts come in if you do anything deemed gross misconduct then Tesco will dismiss you, but not without very, very serious consideration.
Title: Re: Maternity Leave
Post by: Nomad on 10-05-18, 07:54PM
Is it not advisable for Taymay61 to get something in writing from MM about being kept on, Don't see how one can be 'sacked' if temp contract has expired.  But I hope to be corrected.
Title: Re: Maternity Leave
Post by: tumshie on 11-05-18, 08:10AM
Yes, ask for it in writing. Surely there needs to be something in writing before maternity leave anyway? And join the union, if you are not in it, and get advice from a rep.
Tesco managers are great at saying one thing and doing another.
Title: Re: Maternity Leave
Post by: lucgeo on 11-05-18, 08:24AM
Have to agree. The amount of times new managers have come in, to be told by colleagues on their department, that this or that was ok and agreed with the previous manager. The usual reply being, they're the manager now, and unless the agreement was in writing, then it will be done their way.
Title: Re: Maternity Leave
Post by: lucgeo on 11-05-18, 08:46AM

You need to get proper advice on this, from your Union office or ACAS. What if your confinement date runs over, or past your contract end date?? If this is a possibility, how would it stand ???

Title: Re: Maternity Leave
Post by: sfsorrow on 29-06-18, 08:54AM
I've taken legal advice on this recently while reviewing a policy at my employer. If they renew other peoples' contracts but not yours due to your upcoming maternity leave, it's likely to amount to direct discrimination. I expect your contract will be renewed - there's too much legal risk in not doing so.
Title: Re: Maternity Leave
Post by: Thevamps on 18-07-18, 05:43PM
Hi does anyone know the policy on returning from maternity after 10 months, whether you have to be given your same job back even tho hours are being dropped, or just given the hours that are requested but on another dept.  Thanks in advance
Title: Re: Maternity Leave
Post by: Classy Bird on 25-09-18, 10:45PM
I think if you take longer than the 9 months company and statutory paid maternity leave, then you are just entitled to a job and not the 1 you left.

It would be down to your managers discretion if they gave you your old job back minus a few hours