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Title: Jobs
Post by: shopworker on 08-01-17, 11:25PM
If a job in another store is listed online, can you apply for it online? A colleague has been told they can only apply if it is the same pay grade as their current role, eg a GA couldn't apply for a manager job online, they have to work towards management first?
Title: Re: Jobs
Post by: wellhereiam on 08-01-17, 11:46PM
I believe this is the case as this is the whole point of options, preparing a GA to become a manager (well that's the idea anyway)

Nothing stopping someone who left the company as a GA applying for a management role though.
Title: Re: Jobs
Post by: Tornado on 13-01-17, 04:47AM
The rules in Tesco they are only on paper. I see what it has been happening for years in my store, if you are friend or :P you can get anything but if you are a honest good worker and follow the rules you just forget you go no where. Corruption and Indifference it has always been I think the illness of this company. 8)
Title: Re: Jobs
Post by: londoner83 on 13-01-17, 08:57PM
It's often a case of if your face fits......seen way too many people promoted or moved to other departments just because their faces fitted whilst other harder working individuals were held back.
Title: Re: Jobs
Post by: kaled78 on 13-01-17, 09:37PM
I think it's been said before,"it's not what you know-it's who you blow!"
Title: Re: Jobs
Post by: horatiocain on 13-01-17, 10:52PM
From what I witnessed those good at their job are ignored regardless of their position.

Managers tend to be lazy and often stupid, sometimes both, and they only promote those who fit in, who are lazy and stupid, the good managers are leaving, in droves, because they're tired of being overlooked even though they do a good job.