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54 items
Some examples of trailer art as seen on Tesco wagons.
100 items
What sometimes happens to trucks. Uploaded by members.
14 items
Collection of pictures sent to VLH by members.
71 items
Store events etc. Uploaded by members.
39 items
. com home delivery service. Uploaded by members.
32 items
Locations and incidents at DCs. Uploaded by members.
19 items
More haste, less speed and more damage. Uploaded by members.
24 items
Random pictures, some good some oddball. Uploaded by members.

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The Gallery image
 Views: 30014
Posted by LittleNomad
Oct 28, 2011
in Desktop Wallpapers
 Views: 13670
Posted by POA Billy
Jul 27, 2010
in Warehouse
Skip 1 - 0 Dot.com Van
Surely this is a write-off?  Well you never know with Tesco, anything to save getting a new van in!  And before you ask, no-one knows where the door is! :)
 Views: 3625
Posted by Youssarian
Nov 23, 2009
in . com
 Views: 3340
Posted by LittleNomad
Jun 22, 2008
in Stacking
Zoom Details 1
Manual handling
Stay in the limits.
 Views: 3066
 Comments: 1
Posted by Nomad
Oct 06, 2009
in General

Random Items

Dot Com wheel wash
 Views: 1017
Posted by POA Billy
Jul 13, 2010
in . com
Jenga In Tesco
 Views: 1970
Posted by POA Billy
Jul 17, 2008
in General
Used Sprinters for sale
Used Tesco 2004 sprinters lined up for sale after a hard life.
 Views: 985
Posted by POA Billy
Jun 14, 2011
in . com
Cracking Easter Deals
 Views: 208
Posted by POA Billy
Apr 19, 2012
in Tesco Trailer Advertising
 Views: 1557
Posted by Nomad
Jun 18, 2008
in Trucks

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In VLH By The Mrs Mar 29, 2014
In VLH By Anne Mar 17, 2014
In Shed gone ! By The Mrs Dec 14, 2013
In Nose dive By Guest Jul 05, 2011
In Manual handling By Nomad Jul 04, 2010
In No exit8 By Nomad Jul 13, 2008

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