Compliance manager cull or not as it goes.

During the mammoth thread that was the compliance manager and personnel manager redundancies I happened to mention that our compliance manager had been offered a made up managerial role, A role that did not exist and was not advertised. Here we are a few weeks/months later and she is doing said job

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Removal of 10% discount on alcohol

Has anyone else heard about the removal of our discount on alcohol? Was given the heads up today. If it’s true it’s just something else to demoralize us!

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News&Mags restructure

Hi,has anyone heard that Tesco are removing mods from some of the news&Mags in some stores? Also told they are downsizing books&cards range.

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back dated sick note??

Been off work with sciatica since March 2nd and my current sick note runs out on Friday 22nd April.  The doctors won't issue me a sick note without seeing me, but they cannot see me till May 3rd !!!!

I've been told they will back date me a sick note, but will Tesco accept t

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HI Vis is essential PPE, so why I expected to order it in my own time?

I am a store based dotcom driver. After about 4 months of usage my Hi Viz becomes worn out. I don't believe I should need to use my home based data and time to order a new one. It's a piece of safety equipment. Shouldn't the store get on with ordering one for me when I need it?

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