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Do You Know..

if your break gets interrupted it resets to the beginning again. So if you get called off of your hour break after fifteen minutes to tip a wagon you restart the hour not the remaining 45 minutes.

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Who the heck are they.  Heard of Customer Delivery Drivers being asked to sign new contracts with the above "job title".  As far as I know there has been no change of title so is this just some local manager making it up of the top of their heads?
I recently started at a store for my 2nd stint, in my first store they took 9 staff into our department and then renewed none of us stating they didn't have the money after the 13 weeks were up then advertising the positions again a week later...

So I went to another store in the sa

08 Dec 2017 - Rejoicing Tesco

Hi all,

I'm currently in the middle of a legal claim against Tesco for an accident in store earlier this year. Liability has been sorted and now awaiting financial settlement.
I left earlier this year but I'm now currently looking for a way back into the company.

07 Dec 2017 - New Contract

Not got my New Contract to sign yet after the recent pay rise.Funny how in July 2016 when sunday pay was cut to time and half i got a new contract to sign straight away.The ink was still wet when my PM gave me it to sign.
Spotted the following headline and just wondered if, potentially there will be a supply issue for our stores given the collapse of a supply chain that delivered products to 90.000 stores of various kinds, across the country?

Is this a major headache for Tesco? It is loss of revenue at the
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