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11 Jan 2018 - Sunday premium check

Hi all ,
Just need to check my understanding of Sunday premiums.
I know they change in June 2018 to time and quarter ,the question is are they still time and half for team managers ?
Thanks in advance

10 Jan 2018 - End paper payslips

How does everyone feel about the company ending the option of paper payslips from April 2018 forcing everyone to view their pay online?
Did all stores have a forum meeting in November?
Are pre-forums and Interim forums up to date?
Does anybody know when the forum rep elections are going to be held? :question: :question:

08 Jan 2018 - Bullying at work

Hello to all,
I am going through emotional stress due to a member of staff who is really nasty to me. To cut the long story short, this individual says am useless and waste of space, she even comes to work whilst not on the rota and there is no overtime available. She comes to wherever am worki

08 Jan 2018 - CCTV


How long is stores CCTV kept please
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