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Do You Know..

night workers can have a free medical assessment every year.

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Does anyone have any idea how long the collective bargaining deal with USDAW lasts? Will it go on ad infinitum which seems a bit odd to say the least, there must be a way we as a workforce can come out of it and start to deal with our own negotiations.

I have started lookin
I think that tesco should be able to install cctv cameras in our homes. These cameras should only be used to monitor us when we are off sick (and tesco are paying company sick-pay). I think that this could be okay as long as some sort of AI is involved that makes sure that anybody in t
After clicking onto the Stock Control/MAS/HOST, you then enter tpx and enter to bring you to the login screen. However, tpx isn't the only code that works;
These are all the one's I have found, tpx

22 Aug 2018 - Unroadworthy vans

Could someone advise me who I would need to speak to about the state of our vans.

We have 11 vans at our store, all of them are Ivecos. We sill have a few 12, 62 and 13 plates and then the rest are 16s. They're falling to pieces. Managers and team supports don't care and we'
Can anyone shed any light on this? Our new starts are on flexi contracts, but any overtime they work over and above their guaranteed hours is paid at a lower hourly rate.

Nobody appears to know anything about it other than speculation and I was wondering if anyone had any more concrete in
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