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Title: References
Post by: alexsafc96 on 12-06-18, 12:20PM
I have been trying to get an employment reference from Tesco.
The company (Company A)who offered me a new job and required the employment reference from Tesco sent them an email to  Included in the email was a link for Tesco to fill out and complete. I don't know if they completed this link, or they just sent out a basic employment reference to Company A. After checking with Tesco that the reference had been sent out, Company A did not receive the reference.
I have submitted the same reference request but now have to wait 5-6 for this to be processed by Tesco.
Is there anything I can do to speed this process up?
Title: Re: References
Post by: GreenGrocer on 14-06-18, 12:56PM
Meant to be starting a new job in a week but Tesco haven’t sent my reference to new employer that was requested is there anyway of chasing this up? Asked TM but he said he wouldn’t deal with it.  ???