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27 Sep 2016 - how low can we go

iv heard it all now, our night shift has been scrapped, a few took redundancy the rest are disgusted with their new hours, but have little choice as they need a job. last friday they had to gall to put recruitment leaflets for dot com in our payslips then last night one idiot manager asked a member

27 Sep 2016 - additional hours

Hi all
i am going for a interview today at tesco for a job in store customer assistant and i was worried about the contract flexi contract and additional hours after reading a lot on here and your wiki page.
All i want is a part time job 16 hours per week working daytime i dont want to do

26 Sep 2016 - Hours Change

Hi all,

Newbie here looking for advice. I have been told my hours don't fit the needs of business anymore and they want to change them. Is there anything I can do? I can't do the hours offered due to other circumstances. Any advice appreciated!


22 Sep 2016 - Pay Query

Is there a time limit on pay queries? I've been looking back at payslips from April & May & I'm sure my pay is wrong. I had 2 days holidays left to take & my manager allocated them for 31st March & 1st April. However I changed departments on 2nd April. When I checked Aprils

21 Sep 2016 - Xmas & New Year

Can anyone confirm for me, what is the 27 Dec classed as this year? I normally work Tuesday, do I have to work it or can I use a BH day or take it unpaid?

Also, as 1 Jan is a Sunday, what would I be paid for working? Is it time and a half as normal for a Sunday?
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