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Spotted the following headline and just wondered if, potentially there will be a supply issue for our stores given the collapse of a supply chain that delivered products to 90.000 stores of various kinds, across the country?

Is this a major headache for Tesco? It is loss of revenue at the
Whilst we all might joke about PM's and posters, does their role really need to go? I'm of the opinion that the majority of PM's are the gatekeepers to keeping us safe and legal and whether we like to admit it or not often keep overzealous store managers from carrying out unsafe and e
any info regarding the HUB would be welcome here.
Let this thread be a memorial for 'good managers' (yes you heard) and for the Good things that managers do.

It has dawned on me that when it comes to Management, many on VLH (including me) are very quick to criticize BAD management

Please let this thread be a celebrat
Hi guys,

Can anyone give me any info about running a store with only one member of staff in-store?

My ops manager and area manager have both left it in the hands of the store to sort as they say it’s not their job to staff stores, but we have exhausted all other options in stor
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