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Do You Know..

you could always ask " I want it in writing".

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The trolley lad at our store is up on a misconduct charge for pocketing the occasional coin found left in trolleys by customers. He was overheard telling others one day that he had got 'a few quid' from the trolleys, not being secretive about it and not thinking he'd really done anyth
The case of the security guard in roof prompted me to open this topic.

It 'appears' in this case they were dismissed because MM ( I know Tesco was not the 'direct' employer, but know doubt had their fingers in there somewhere) believe a theft was committed.  I bot

12 Oct 2017 - Sickness and dismissal

If you are off on long term sick, can the business give you ill health redundancy if there is no possible return date? When do they start looking at dismissal as well? Thanks :)

12 Oct 2017 - Tesco pension - Leaver


Wondering if anyone can help, I had a Pension with Tesco for 14 years i left the Company 2 years ago. Recieved some paperwork to say now not part of the pension etc, I managed to lose paperwork about transferring my pension to another company so called them (about 4 weeks after i left)

10 Oct 2017 - Union help needed

I need a union expert for advice. Can anyone private message me? It's regarding an investigation
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