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Do You Know..

that drivers' medicals are paid for up to a max of £90 to the age of 65.

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But what I would like to know is who is informing stores of visits?


Are Health and Safety Auditors aware that their visits are expected?
I have read many comments on this forum and heard many from those that I work with, about the seeming targeting of long-term employees, especially those on full-time contracts who are not till trained.

Have you experienced unequal treatment or witnessed it, where the only common-denominat
Tesco Plc's investors had plenty to smile about on Wednesday, even if one reason to celebrate was the prospect of an earlier death. As we've noted before, gains in British life expectancy are slowing. That was a factor behind a handy slashing of Tesco's whopping pension deficit,

03 Oct 2017 - holiday requests

Hi, what action if any should or could be taken against management Consistently not returning holiday request replies to employees who request holidays, I had confirmation (appropriate head office dept email) a couple of years ago that any requests which don't get answered within 7 days are aut

03 Oct 2017 - Court attendance.

A colleague has to attend court next week but they are refusing time off saying there is already staff off that day. What can she do?

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