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Do You Know..

With few exceptions retail staff can opt out of working on a Sunday

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Hi guys,

Can anyone give me any info about running a store with only one member of staff in-store?

My ops manager and area manager have both left it in the hands of the store to sort as they say it’s not their job to staff stores, but we have exhausted all other options in stor

02 Dec 2017 - Skills Payment

Did I miss the November announcement?
How is your store management "persuading" your colleagues into working the Christmas and new year eves, Boxing Day and New Year's Day  ???

I have heard a few colleagues tales from nearby stores, and witnessed first hand in my store, these supposed requests are nothing
The policy says appointments paid but the section on page 23 doesn't say that for a planned operation, can anyone clarify ?

24 Nov 2017 - Prepaid cards

Tesco tells Christmas temps they will get wages via prepaid cards - which cost 50p per withdrawal

Several temporary workers have told Telegraph Money they received letters telling them their wages would be paid onto a Tuxedo Card.

The card, which uses the Maste
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