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Do You Know..

if your break gets interrupted it resets to the beginning again. So if you get called off of your hour break after fifteen minutes to tip a wagon you restart the hour not the remaining 45 minutes.

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23 Mar 2018 - Microlise system

Help request!

I'm on standby for a few nights to go into my store when the night delivery arrives.  It has occurred to me that I could log in to the Microlise delivery system to track the delivery rather than just wait for a phone call from the manager, but I can't find any
I am back from Poland. They just bannned Sunday trading with some exceptions.
Some ppl do want work sundays but its beacuse of the pay . Most of them is in favour of ban. Companies are those who r doing everyting to keep trading on.

 Other part is that they have legislation that sund

22 Mar 2018 - New Skills Payments

Are colleagues being told to keep quiet about the skills payment?
Our union rep said he doesn’t know about it either.

22 Mar 2018 - Sick pay help

I've been with Tesco for 5 years and have accrued 5weeks company sick pay.
I'm having an operation in April, less than two months before my 6 year anniversary.

Is the 3 day no pay rule waived for surgery? If so where can I find this to show management?

If I

When hardware lost night fill, it was expected that H&B would soon follow suit? This hasn't been the case, but murmurings that it is due for change of some kind ??? ???

Anyone in the know ??? ???
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