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Do You Know..

Lifestyle Break: staff can take up to 12 weeks off, and on their return they go back to the same job, hours, pay, and location, and same benefits.

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As the consultation meetings draw near, what do people think should be clarified during these meetings with regard to the heat map and T&C's etc....

One that has been mentioned to me by a neighbouring store colleague, is that their store still does an hour rumble, and two one hou
Can the Union help the small group of us nationally who feel the same :question::

I believe my job should be classed as Skilled (job code D) but it is not. I work in the cash office and get paid less than (for example) someone on the CSD.

What is the defin

22 Mar 2019 - Light duties

A dotcom driver has an injury which means has a fit note saying light duties, manager refuses to accept that deliveries arent light duties even if small run (could still be up flats or heavy). I know a fit note means tesco dont have to give light duties but if they cannot the lines also state that t

21 Mar 2019 - D. L. leadership

It is all too easy to lay the blame for everything Tesco at DL's door. Yes, I realise that all of his latest cunning plans haven't really come to fruition(Booker, Jack's etc. But we shouldn't lose sight of who it actually was who attempted to pull the rug from under the company (

21 Mar 2019 - Store transfer denied.

Hi there. I recently applied to transfer from Aberdeen to Burnage, Manchester as a customer delivery assistant. I have been working at Tesco for almost 12 years and have been a driver for 7 years however my transfer straight out got denied through email. Do i need to override this by getting my mana
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