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28 Jun 2018 - Store Transfer


I've been looking through the policies but can't seem to locate a policy on store transfer.

I would be looking to possibly transfer store when I am back off leave due to moving house.
Is this something tesco have to accomadate? Would I do a straight transfer
Hi.  I am new to the forum and would like to ask for help in the following matter.

I was accused of gross misconduct in the store for BUYING a reduced item but not taking it from the shop floor, I took it from the warehouse and even though they showed me a receipt for that they still

27 Jun 2018 - Clocking someone out ?

I have been informed i face a disciplinary meeting ( gross misconduct ) for allegations of clocking a colleague out , half a dozen times !

The allegation is that as this colleague finishes 20mins before i finish my shift for the day , she has been leaving the store early and they have cc
Hi there, I have a disciplinary meeting at the end of next week with two section / department managers, it is for gross misconduct, first offence and with no warnings etc previously on my record.

I am worried obviously that I could be dismissed, but I have been told that only the store ma
Hi all,

The way overtime shifts work in our store has changed - seemingly suddenly.
I've worked there for many years and it's always just been written in the overtime book and people write their name against the shifts they'd like on first come first served basis which
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