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Do You Know..

Holidays can be booked as single days as well as whole weeks.

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Today was the first time I have worked a shift at a neighbouring store since they updated the SDS so that you now have to scan your clocking card or enter your clocking number to download your route rather than just select the route from a drop-down list.  Except my card / number was not recogn
Is it now company policy to lock all entry and exit points to a store during the hours a store is closed such as overnight on a Saturday/Sunday Morning?

This past weekend we were informed that from now on the door we use to enter and exit the store between the hours of midnight on Saturd

29 Jan 2018 - New Admin Role

I am interested in the new admin role but I would like some feedback from a store that already has this role in place as to how it is used with their store.  I understand the person has to be flexible but at the moment the talk is that that person has to be as sorts “on call” and has to go in a

27 Jan 2018 - Usdaw Elections 2018

Is it time for a cleansing of the 'old guard?

Can you recommend anybody who is standing?

Are you voting?

Who are you voting for?

And relevant to all of the above; Why?

Also consider that, this is one time when a site such as this can

24 Jan 2018 - Wellness meeting

Hello.  I had an operation on the 11th December and had a sick note for 6 weeks which has now ran out, but went to doctors yesterday and he has given me another note for 2 weeks. 
I am having difficulty walking very far, and have told them at work of this fact.  I'm having
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