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Do You Know..

it is strongly advised that you keep a copy of all holiday request forms.

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Well it seems a lot of staff did not do over time this Bank holiday in my store. Shelves empty and the place a big mess lol.
I was told around Oct 2017 that the store dotcom drivers were being treated the same as distribution centre drivers and would need to agree to drug testing. At that time the info supplied with the consent form said that the only identifying data the drug testing company would get relating to the ide

27 Aug 2018 - Final Paypacket

Hi I've recently left my job at T*sco after 4 years in July. I was told by my old manager that I'd receive a final payment with holiday entitlement and previous unpaid hours, however I haven't received an August wageslip and just wondering what would be the correct process now? 

27 Aug 2018 - Internal vacancies

Anyone know the website for applying for internal vacancies ?

26 Aug 2018 - Emergency hol?

Hi guys, if someone's wife,who's already disabled,breaks her toe and they have to look after her and two children,can the get an emergency hol? They are due to start at 10pm tonight. What's the best route to take without getting a disciplinary.?
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