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Title: Uniform
Post by: Moonboy57 on 16-04-18, 03:16PM
Just a heads up please.
Am l right in saying that we can wear whatever pieces of uniform we like if it is available to order from the department we work in that is on OurTesco website?
And not dictated to by our line manager who is saying that you can wear that but not this?
Title: Re: Uniform
Post by: GreenGrocer on 16-04-18, 04:39PM
Are you allowed to wear jeans and sweaters? I have seen employees with nothing to identify them as an Tesco worker including management.
Title: Re: Uniform
Post by: trolleyboy96 on 16-04-18, 04:42PM
Depends where you work, some items you can’t wear in some areas, we had a grocery nights guy order shorts, hi vis for cda he wondered why it was sent back.

Some csd prefer formal uniform as it’s front of house but generally most of it is the same for all.
Title: Re: Uniform
Post by: FarmerFred on 16-04-18, 06:22PM
The people policy does not state that managers can decide what uniform options you select so provided that you you have selected department appropriate items then it's your choice. If your manager disagrees ask them to provide an official Tesco policy document to back up their claim.
Title: Re: Uniform
Post by: lucgeo on 16-04-18, 06:26PM
Agreed....if it's available to order in your click to order for your department, then it's deemed suitable by H.O. If your manager disagrees, then perhaps he needs to contact HO to complain ???
Title: Re: Uniform
Post by: Moonboy57 on 16-04-18, 07:43PM
Thank you. It’s what l have been saying. It’s our choice not theirs. Dotcom drivers are getting told they can’t wear cargo trousers but can wear shirts! I agree we should look smart but it needs to be practical too.  Tesco should be designing new clothing for drivers because trying to dress in formal trousers and shirt is not always appropriate, and ties are a definite no go area!
Title: Re: Uniform
Post by: Rigger on 16-04-18, 07:49PM
It must be location dependent as I’ve seen plenty of dot com drivers in cargo shorts & polo shirts, that’s mainly store dot com drivers
Title: Re: Uniform
Post by: horatiocain on 16-04-18, 07:58PM
In the stores I worked in drivers could only order cargo trousers as the formal ones were deemed too flimsy for their role.
Managers make this up everyday.
Title: Re: Uniform
Post by: Taymay61 on 16-04-18, 08:51PM
I can't seem to order any uniform online -I'm not past my probation yet but refuse to pay out for 'smart' maternity bottoms at £30 a go from my own pocket.

Any ideas?
Title: Re: Uniform
Post by: TheOLDone on 16-04-18, 09:07PM
Plenty, non printable here though.
Title: Re: Uniform
Post by: genome on 17-04-18, 08:39AM
Taymay61, get it ordered in store for you.
Title: Re: Uniform
Post by: Taymay61 on 17-04-18, 11:05AM
Annoyingly, they won’t until I pass my probation but I don’t have anything ‘smart’ in maternity
Title: Re: Uniform
Post by: dizzy_1 on 17-04-18, 02:30PM
Go to what ever cheap clothes shops you have near you and get a pair of black/navy trousers. Don't have to be maternity just grab a larger size. At least you can wear trousers, when I was pregnant I got a bloody pinafore no trousers for ladies it was all skirts, I looked like a tent.