Whats the website to complete this online please.

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Sickness and confidentiality

Hi guys,our manager is of on sickness and there's rumours as to why he's off. A colleague got took in the office and was told that they are fed up with rumours and they are going to tell us all why he's off. Surely this is breaking confidential rules.? I know I wouldn't be happy

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hi, I have been working at Tosco for about three years now, I work four days a week.

Recently I injured my back at work and have been off sick for the past couple of weeks, I am due to return to work soon, is it possible to return to my job and do reduced hours i.e. only two days a week i

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VLH Upgrade

Err......I'm not one to moan as you all know, we think the emoji's are getting old hat?? Perhaps some updating to reflect the current situations could be good? Any suggestions??

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Vision Express

I work in tesco staff restaurant and I was TUPE over which was bad enough but now I find tesco staff are getting Vision Express big discount voucher which I dont receive now but on my badge it says Tesco Elior and as Elior pay my wages I dont qualify now.  I have got my glasses from Tesco for m

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