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Do You Know..

in forum Announcements there are over 100 abbreviations listed that are used within the company.

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07 Jul 2018 - Lifestyle break

Can I take a Lifestyle break for twelve weeks and work somewhere else and not tell them. and what can they do if they find out?
Thank you

07 Jul 2018 - Final payment ?

If dismissed how long do you have to wait until your final payment ?

07 Jul 2018 - Thinking of joining!

So today I applied for the role of shift leader in a store close to me, an express store.
Just wondering if anyone can give me a run down of the interview process, how long it takes for them to get back to me etc...
Also what it is like to run a shift, early and late. I spent a lot of yea

07 Jul 2018 - 7/7 silence

Why has ourtosco not said that stores are having a minutes silence over the 7/7 attack where over 50 died??
The payslip for the pay that we received on 01.06.18 is for 'tax period 16'. What is the first day of work that payslip is paying me for and what is the last day of work that it is paying me for?
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