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06 Jul 2018 - Temporary pay decrease

Hi, apologies if this has been posted before. I'm new to this. I need some help or advice. I work a total of 18 hours a week. 5.5 on a Sunday,  the rest during the week give me 16.5 hrs contracted. Under the new wage increase as off the 1st of July I'm losing £8.17 per week. This howe

06 Jul 2018 - Fire alarm proecdure

So as of writing this out store fire alarm went off an hour ago. It’s 1am. A burning smell could be smelt from the bakery but as I’m leaving I’m told by a manager to go back to work and it was a false alarm. Most of the staff had already exited and I was shocked. What’s worse is as I’m told to conti

05 Jul 2018 - Safe hands

Hi guys just quick question.I'm I express and my am has left for a career break for 3 months, he is not being replaced and I've been given the 'a' for the stores day to day. Am I entitled to some sort of step up payment for the extra workload or do I just grin and bear it? I'

05 Jul 2018 - If dismissed

Prob a silly question that i already know the answer to tbh lol but if dismissed from tesco , are you ever able to work for the company again ?
Having read some topics lately, the overtones in most are negative, morale is low, people are angry, frustrated and desperate as the premium rates are eroded, people are struggling to cope with their financial responsibilities.
Yet the younger, or newer colleagues are just not getting why?? The
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