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Do You Know..

reps legally can speak in a meeting with managers on your behalf.

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05 Mar 2018 - Pay Equality?

Does anybody know whether it is lawful to have DotCom drivers working alongside each other on different pay rates? For example some drivers are on over £1 per hour more but do the exact same job as their colleagues on the lesser amount.

The store reasoning is that they couldn't attra
My daughter works for Tesco and I'm trying to book a holiday for July '18. I asked her to book a few dates but she said she's been told that she can't book annual leave until 1 April - does anybody know if this is correct.  I want to book the holiday soon but I can't un

03 Mar 2018 - cem/cm/pm restructure

 for colleagues in consultation due to restructure, have the current vacancies in store been made available for all colleagues to be able to apply or only for the affected colleagues first? does anyone know the policy for this? thanks.
Should Tesco lead the way and pledge to give our emergency services priority service ?
I honestly believe that our police/fire/ambulance service (and any other emergency service) when on duty should be able to walk to the front of the queue or have a till opened for them . They will probably o

01 Mar 2018 - Booker/Tesco poll.

Good, bad, job losses, worsening T&Cs/wages etc

What's you opinion/thoughts ?
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