Meat counter dates?

Does anyone know the policy on how long meat can be displayed in the fresh meat section?
Or point me in the direction of the official policy, tia

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Reversing resignation


Could somebody kindly shed some light as to how long we can reverse a member of staffs resignation after wages have processed them as a leaver.

The staff member now wishes to retract their resignation and I believe it was only processed a couple of days ago by wages.

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Religion & Sunday's

There's a Sikh as a shift leader in my store and he has been told he must work 1 in 3 Sunday's therefore missing his day at his place of worship.

Is there any rulings that he can work 5/6 days due to religion or must he work 5/7?

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Sunday night premium

Hi all , just a quick question what time does the Sunday night premium finish at . Is it 12 midnight going into Monday or early hours Monday morning

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Is there anything nowadays right or well done in tesco ?

I check almost everyday VLH and I find that I find nothing except sadness, frustration and disillusionment most of the time, am I wrong ?

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