Investigatory meeting

I am 17 years old and have worked for tesco for a year.  My mum also works at Tesco.  I have been told by my mum today that apparently she was told that I have been invited to an investigatory meeting.  She was told this by a senior manager.  Are they allowed to do this before ad

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What is Tesco Policy on someone covering my shift?

I couldn't find anything defenitive online, but I thought you had to give a 24 hour notice?

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Skills payments

Hi has anyone yet been paid a skills payment if so how was it put onto your payslip

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I have been trying to get an employment reference from Tesco.
The company (Company A)who offered me a new job and required the employment reference from Tesco sent them an email to  Included in the email was a link for Tesco to fill out and complete. I don

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Membership meeting at work

Regarding organising a membership meeting at work:
* Would 'discussion of recent changes at work' (change of break time procedure, introduction of mystery shopper scheme) count as a valid reason to call for a membership meeting at work
* Would the union have to give notice to man

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