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Do You Know..

Team Leaders cannot do holiday bookings or reviews, only managers

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Today I had a disciplinary because 6 weeks ago I had a full online row with a colleague about something we disagreed about. She filed a grievance at work suggesting I was disrespectful to her and today I was found guilty because I had breached Tesco T+C's Social Media Policy. The row was out of

07 Jun 2018 - Occupational Health ?

Been off work 3 months and had been suggested I get in touch with Occupational health via the Our Tesco website.  That's fine by me but I emailed them more than a week ago, and all I got back from them was a message "Thank you for your enquiry, we are dealing with it and will be back


Am I the only person who feels this is no longer a partnership ???

A partnership should be for the mutual benefit for both parties, in the last 5 or so years Tesco has forced through real time pay cuts due to poor senior management decisions by tesco, fraudulent bookeeping  impacts,

04 Jun 2018 - Van loading

Just for the record could you all let me know if your vans are loaded in the morning? Yes or no is fine. Thanks.
Hi, I wrote about a contract issue a while back, during this time myself and the night manager had a meeting where it was agreed between both parties that I could increase my days from 3 to 4  and a new availability form was signed by both. I was told that it would take two weeks for the increa
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