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Do You Know..

Tesco never bailed out USDAW.

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05 Nov 2017 - Absence Policy Query

Hi all, I've recently had a WB meeting after two days off sick. My percentage is well under the 3% but it was my second instance in 26 weeks. I still got next steps as apparently my overall attendance is poor, despite only ever having one AR which was two years ago. My next steps was to not hav
Are tesco staff seen as Assets or Liabilities?

By the CEO?
By the Directors?
By Senior team?
by team managers?

04 Nov 2017 - GM back to nights

A year or so ago GM was moved from nights to days at our store and across the company. This caused a lot of stress, anxiety and inconvenience to many staff members as they were either made redundant or moved into other roles within the store often at reduced hours or changes to their working conditi

02 Nov 2017 - cardboard query

is anyone aware of the correct process for recycling the produce boxes please.  some are too rigid to be flattened by hand/foot.  can they be recycled without flattening? is there a new directive from the company stating all boxes must be flattened? thanks.
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