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Do You Know..

Holidays can be booked as single days as well as whole weeks.

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07 Apr 2018 - Disciplinary Processes

I'm curious as to how other stores deal with disciplinary procedures. In my store, it seems they are very unlikely to fire anyone. I've heard of many people have multiple discliplinaries and people who have committed very serious acts of gross misconduct yet they are still here in my store

07 Apr 2018 - Sick pay return to work

Hi. Does anyone out there know what the policy is around going back to work on a return to work plan with reduced hours ?. Will i be paid my contracted 35 hours, or only the suggested 25 worked hours ?. Thought i might be able to use holidays that i had in march while off sick, but they have been pa
Hi I’m 7 weeks into working at tesco on nights tonight I won’t be able to make it in due to my fiancée having an emergency family situation and being the only other person available to look after my daughter I’ve rang and told them does anyone think this will be used against me they are happy with m

05 Apr 2018 - PI’s turn

Has anyone heard anything about the hours change coming up in PI, moving the hours to nights ?
Just wondering if anyone can let me know where I stand if I was told by my manager that I had a days holiday to take, therefore took it, then was told by wages when I was back that I didnt actually have any left to take.

I was waiting to check on my payslip this evening, and theres '
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