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Do You Know..

you should always ask "Please show me the policy".

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I've seen mentioned a few times that a grievance filed under Terms and conditions gets taken directly out of store to be dealt with.

Out of curiosity, why is this, how can one be sure it has been handled correctly (IE. Correctly escalated out of store) and finally how broadly is the

management wants to start a 28 week project of filming colleagues with a hidden camera when they deliver shopping. Videos not shared with anyone, allegedly. All just for ‘training and coaching’ in one-to-ones with the filmed driver. Anyone experience with this, e.g. while they can f
Firstly, this is NOT an attack on members of day crew, I was a member of staff on days for over 10 years and have been a night worker for over 5 years so I appreciate what both sides go through. My question is this though...what exactly are the requirements for fresh night team?

We curre

01 Jun 2018 - Uniform Ordering

So i'll be back at Tesco later in the year after I return from leave.
I assume due to then being a full contracted member of staff rather than a temp I will have to have uniform for when I go back.
Who's responsibility is this? Mine or The Stores? I have tried to order my own un
Good morning
I have just logged into my online banking and Tesco have paid me a massive sum of £27!!
I should have been getting my colleague bonus today plus normal wages.
I left 2 weeks ago and already my employee number has been deactivated so I cannot view my pay slip or print it o
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