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13 Sep 2018 - Jack's

What's everyone's thoughts on the new discount chain.

11 Sep 2018 - Ill health

Hi, looking for some advice.  A friend has been off sick for coming up for a year and has got a letter for a final  long term absence meeting, he just want to know what will happen, if he gets paid off due to ill health, thanks.

10 Sep 2018 - Medical

Hi guys,vlh says night workers can get a free medical once a year. How does one go about getting one?
Hi. Im after some advice for a colleague.  They have been in an investigation for allegedly telling a customer they shop else where. They say it didnt happen.  Anyhow said customer has posted it on social media. And a tm has seen it and reported it. Investigation has been done and a new ma

01 Sep 2018 - Breaks

Poll idea taken from question in another thread.

If you no longer work at the company vote according to what you did when you did.
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