10 days Notice

I am going to hand in my notice tomorrow, because I have finally found another job outside Tosco.
I still have most of my holidays left and the Personal Day.
so, after giving my notice when will I receive my holiday pay and will they also pay for the PD?

Thank you

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online payslips

Ive had  a few people say they cant get online to view their payslip this morning ( been trying for over an hour myself with not joy), if this is happening to you feedback through your forum that its another shambles by the powers that be, maybe if we start using their own tools and keep at it

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Investigation timescales

Hi could anyone give me some advice please. I am a team manager and recently I was informed by a member of my team that a complaint was made against me whilst I was not in the business due to illness.
I contacted my lead manager and they confirmed there had been but it was too be dealt with inf

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Dave Lewis

After all this time that this person has been in Tesco do you agree that He and his team are just a JOKE ? Do you seriously believe that He is an expert and competent to take Tesco in right direction ? Do you believe that He is only a talkshow guy who has no clue about what he is doing or not ?

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Unpresorted delivery

Just a question for nights operation, if your delivery of grocery is late and your presorter has gone home who does it ? Or is it just left for the next night ? Thanks

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