Contracting to sundays..

Am I right in thinking they can not contract you to a sunday without your permission regardless of the reasons and would this be the case for dot com drivers also?

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Can I be 'un checkout trained'?

I'm a multi skilled worker and I hate it. If I could turn back time, I would of made sure I never approached the desk in the first place.

Anyway, my issue is that I'm on there for far too long. I have realised that they are short on checkouts but that is not my problem, I don�

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I have all the details

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24 Hour Flexi Notice

Dear friends,
A good friend of mine having some issues at a Tesco store he works in, and wanted me to ask a few questions for him.
He is concerned about 24 hour flexi notice, as his team does the shift changes and cover for sickness, very informally.
I want to know how can you be give

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Computer says NO!

Apparently lots of drivers been sent home for the day.

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