Dave Lewis' Wikipedia page

I was curious about our esteemed leader and searched for his wikipedia page. My first thought was that given all that he has done for us in his short time at tesco, very little of it is actually here (on his wiki page). I think it could do with some fleshing out at some point, especially the tesco s

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Established pay?


I'm a butcher on the counters at Tesco, contracted to 30 hours a week - picking up overtime as and when I can.
There has been a bit of a discussion in our store that we should be on something called an "established pay" rather than £7.62, which we are on at the

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Inform login

Anyone got a phone number for the people who deal with the 'mytescologin' thing?  Got a new phone which logged me  out of inform, and cant for the life of me remember my login, just going round in circles on the our tesco site, cant find a phone number or email anywhere for suppo

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Reps and branch meetings

does a union rep have any rights implied or otherwise to have release to attend branch meetings, ie could consistent denial of time off to attend be seen as detriment in any way or interfering with a reps union duties, I'm not a rep so don't know.

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attacked while at work

Have any drivers been attacked while working for Tesco, if so what was Tesco's response.

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