What happens to clubcard when you leave?

Does it become a normal clubcard just without the discount?

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No employee number?

Hi there,

This is my first post so sorry if it sounds a bit dumb

I started working for the company on the 24th of November and have worked a few shifts.

I also did some overtime this week in a different store.

When I called up my own store (I work 2 days

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2019 Structure Changes

Anyone heard what depts/managers are next for the chop?

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repeated thefts from staff in cloakroom...

we have suffered repeated thefts of cash & other possessions from colleagues jackets & bags from the cloakroom in our store.

yes, I know that people shouldn't leave their valuables unsecured but we're human & humans do silly things sometimes.

what really p

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Any more info ?

(NO racism please)

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