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21 May 2017 - Investigatory mtg

Does anyone know if there is a new process for Investigatory meetings please
I not sure whether I am correct on this but is it true that different distribution centres have different pay and conditions?

If it is then how do those on the better conditions justify this to those in places with less?

Are those in the centres with better conditions doing dif
As a distribution worker,getting better pay and conditions than your shop-working colleagues do you think that in the interest of charity you would take a pay and conditions freeze in order to help towards better pay and conditions for your shop-working colleagues.

Do you think that Dave

19 May 2017 - Podium Monkey's

I am curious about these "podium monkey" positions being offered at Depots. It seems from what little I know about them they are offering successful candidates the opportunity to do a Team Managers job (greatly helping the cull of Managers) along with all the responsibilities of a Team Man

18 May 2017 - Tesco Announcement

Has anyone else heard in their store that apparently there is another big announcement next week???
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