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Do You Know..

you should always ask "Please show me the policy".

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03 Jan 2017 - Disciplinary Rights

A couple of months ago, I was taken through a disciplinary hearing. At the time, my union rep told me that I had no right to question the witnesses who gave evidence against me. Out of the blue, I find myself facing another disciplinary, but this time, my rep says she can cross examine any witness.

02 Jan 2017 - Tax Rebate?

Do i have to wait until the end of the tax year to put in a claim for a tax refund?
I opted for redundancy in the summer & started recieving both state & company pensions
my p45 says I had earned £8,000 at the time I left, taking into account another company pension I recieve, I ex

02 Jan 2017 - Overtime

Please can anyone tell me if you have agreed to an overtime shift and you turn up for that shift can you be sent home as the store is trying to save money?
Also if you have worked an overtime shift and then told the next day that you arnt going to be paid for it due to overtime cuts and that y

02 Jan 2017 - Feb announcements

Has any one any notion to what the February announcements are going to be... :( :o

01 Jan 2017 - Absence review

Hi! Long term lurker in need of advice. As a result of being bullied by a manager my physical and mental health have suffered. I won my grievance against this manager. As a result my absence percentage is high. I was given a final warning for my sick level that has expired but my doctor but me back
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