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Do You Know..

a change to contracts and/or hours worked should follow certain procedures with time scales.

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12 Oct 2017 - Sickness and dismissal

If you are off on long term sick, can the business give you ill health redundancy if there is no possible return date? When do they start looking at dismissal as well? Thanks :)

12 Oct 2017 - Tesco pension - Leaver


Wondering if anyone can help, I had a Pension with Tesco for 14 years i left the Company 2 years ago. Recieved some paperwork to say now not part of the pension etc, I managed to lose paperwork about transferring my pension to another company so called them (about 4 weeks after i left)

10 Oct 2017 - Union help needed

I need a union expert for advice. Can anyone private message me? It's regarding an investigation

But what I would like to know is who is informing stores of visits?


Are Health and Safety Auditors aware that their visits are expected?
I have read many comments on this forum and heard many from those that I work with, about the seeming targeting of long-term employees, especially those on full-time contracts who are not till trained.

Have you experienced unequal treatment or witnessed it, where the only common-denominat
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