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Do You Know..

MM must ask if you wish rep/companion at meeting, and arrange if you state yes. Failure to offer/arrange is breach of procedure.

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13 Jun 2017 - Will I get sick pay?

Started working for tesco around july 2015.  Contracted 7.5 hours over 2 days.  By the time I return to work I will have taken 4 shifts off work in total.  Does this mean I will get paid? I've read in the handbook about the 3 day waiting rule.  So would I get paid for 4 days
There may be increased profits/sales but just recently have noticed the overall bad condition of some expresses  eg floor tiles damaged and repaired with yellowed stripped tape broken inbuilt fridges with bits missing some items such as these can only be fixed by the company however equally som

12 Jun 2017 - Tribunal

Although I know the facts I am asking for another colleague. They have been harassed and victimised (not thru a characteristic) and their rep has said they have a good case. ACAS have also said that they don't need to have a protective characteristic to make a claim. Thing is, this colleague ha

11 Jun 2017 - Availability form

Hi, I'm a long term employee. Is it possible for me to change my availability from the hours I put when I joined the company.  I've asked in my store for an availability form but no one has heard of such a form. Thanks.

11 Jun 2017 - Double Discount

Does anyone know when the next staff double discount will take place?
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