Holiday refusal

A holiday form was handed in 10 days ago and the manager has signed and dated it saying the request hasn’t been approved but hasn’t spoken to the colleague about it or given the form back to them, they just left it laying around the office.. would  this mean the colleague can assume they have t

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Bank holiday information.

Hi, can someone explain the bank holidays days on the payslip are they just for bank holidays or do they work as normal holiday days, my manager did a poor job at explaining it.

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So lets hear  how the new cut back in hours available to cover sickness etc is affecting your stores, we have been told to remember its not an overtime ban, its just a realignment of resources we are told, my manager was told we  can do our job to the same standard with 20-25% less hours t

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self scan tagged items

when a customer has a tagged item, do you detag it as soon as they ask you to or do you wait until they've gone to the payment screen?

some dude went mental at a colleague the other day because he wouldn't detag his booze until the payment had gone through due to the amount of w

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Finally have got a contract

woo hoo guys, finally got a contract - so now we can relax knowing hes got a job .
I know I'm a pain in the arse asking, but am I right in thinking that on your payslip up on the right- it says--
 Hours -           22.50
 Hourly Rate - £8.426


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