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14 May 2019 - Stock/Merchandising

How is everyone getting on with the new routines with a lower headcount?
Need a bit of advice about an ongoing situation I've found myself in.

So... it seems I have a SM from another shop out to get me and my fellow SLs and SM in my store. This SM lets call her ‘Kate’ has made a few allegations to our area manager which has led straight to investigations

13 May 2019 - Admin colleague

Does anyone actually know what the job role consists of for this position? Most seem to work in any department other than admin.
I would be interested to hear of any stories/incidents around the accuracy (or not) of the newer trackers.
There appear to be potential problems with the accuracy of the location data &/or speed.

09 May 2019 - merchandising plans

I realise that this won't be very high on most people's radar but, why do so many of the new 1 in 1 out plans still have Find/Fit errors attached. It isn't as if you will put them out is it :D ;D
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