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09 Jan 2019 - Eggs Benedict

Any comments?? I'd say it needed a bra rather than a knife and fork
First of all I would like to say Hello to everybody on the forums, the reality is I have lurked here for a while reading topics but decided to join the forum because well I'm rather selfish and I am in need of advice.

To try to sum up exactly what has happened, I was told by my Manag

04 Jan 2019 - Stock levels

I'd like to think any structural change would include closing Centre and making everyone who, "works" - I use that word in it's loosest possible sense - there redundant. We are currently drowning in stock because these morons are too lazy and stupid to do their pathetic, worthles

04 Jan 2019 - Am I permanent ?

If I have been sent a letter about the companies pension scheme and how to join does that mean I'm permanent staff now?

I was festive for Christmas and they have given me flex sheets going into next week.

They haven't told me anything yet and I don't know who to

04 Jan 2019 - Job role change

Can anyone tell me that if you have worked in Tesco a number of years,and applied for a different role. If you didn't like it,do you have to be in it 6 months before you apply for another role. Apparently the jobs are interview based and managers know who gets the jobs,if the face fits. I total
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