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Do You Know..

a change to contracts and/or hours worked should follow certain procedures with time scales.

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14 Aug 2018 - Notice Period

Hi guys,
Just a quick question, what’s my notice period. I’ve been in Tesco 14 years.  Pretty sure it’s only a week but want to make sure.

Many Thanks

12 Aug 2018 - Mental health support

Hello everyone, new member here & first time poster so apologies if this topic is in the wrong section or it has already been discussed.

I know that other large companies offer support for mental health in way of some sort of therapy etc, I was wondering if Tesco offers this service

12 Aug 2018 - Minus Hours

Here is a link to how many hours I did last month. (I think so anyway, I'm not very good with payslips. https://i.imgur.com/2prAjvg.png
I'm going to assume minus hours means money has been taken off me since that is appearing in the

10 Aug 2018 - Drain Smell Ware house.

The warehouse in my store is being affected by very bad drain / rotten egg smell originating from cleaners room drain (we think) It  has been going on for several weeks and is making me feel physically sick.
Smell is leaking out to shop floor too. I am almost at the point of refusing to go
Since the People Manager roles have been dissolved, who are the best people to go to actually get help?

I started working as a GA last March, and by August had started to develop hand issues.  The doctor advised me that it was "most likely" the onset of arthritis which is a
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