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Do You Know..

a staff search must not be done in a public place!

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01 Mar 2018 - Booker/Tesco poll.

Good, bad, job losses, worsening T&Cs/wages etc

What's you opinion/thoughts ?
A colleague was deliberately hit with a trolley (not hard enough to injure, but hit none the less) and verbally abused by a customer in store recently. After reporting it to Duty and requesting the person be barred from the store they were told that as there was no CCTV evidence there was nothing co
Should I be paid Sunday premium if I am manager contracted to Saturday and Sunday nights ? If yes is this for every Sunday or just 12 a year ? Anyone got link to our Tesco terms and conditions related to managers premiums ? the answers I've got from SM and compliance is : "you not
So as the title says this has been going on for almost 6 months I believe and nothing has been done about it, my manager has told me the problem has been reported as it is disgusting.

How could I escalate this problem?

Here is a picture I took last Monday, Fungus like thi

26 Feb 2018 - Bad Weather - Attendance


With the weather that we look like we are getting with snow what is the actual policy on attendance if getting to work is impossible.

I’ve heard your local store but what even if this is not possible?
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