Hi guys I left the company in May from redundancy. Now I'm going back I've got a shift leader position but have been told I have to attend the 2 day induction. Can anyone clarify if I really do need this. It seems a bit pointless to me. Thanks

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Are Area-Organizers actually paying-members of USDAW?

the title says it all....

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Shout out to anybody who has access to Warehouse SSOW

Does anybody on here have access to the Safe-System-Of-Working for the store-warehouse? If so it would be much appreciated if you could pass on any knowledge of it. Or best case, supply a copy-and-paste copy of it on this thread.

Please try to keep this thread to a fact/reference-standard

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Does anyone know any up to date poss interview questions for external candidates please

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Unloading a lorry by myself??

Can someone help?  I work pre sort and also unload lorries as well. I am trained, wear my safety boots and we have a scissor lift.  The duty manager told me I had to unload the fresh lorry by myself.  Now I know I'm only 5ft nothing and a slim girl, I really don't mind doing

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