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Do You Know..

MM must ask if you wish rep/companion at meeting, and arrange if you state yes. Failure to offer/arrange is breach of procedure.

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cheese louise,

last night somewhere in a side street of london. a tesco van parked up next to an ocado one.

me: "yo bruv, how's things? last drop for tonight? what you on nowadays?"
ocado mate: "things not too bad. on saturdays after 6pm we on £13.25. w

07 Sep 2017 - Quick question

What does mainfill mean in relation to a delivery? Thanks
Anyone know the login details to access our 2017 results for what matters to you that came out yesterday?

04 Sep 2017 - staff canteen

Has anybody TUPE in their store  canteen recently and is it working,  also have you been asked to change your hours and days.   Lastly did you lose discount card.

31 Aug 2017 - 3 day wait

Can the 3 day non payment for sickness be waived or avoided in any way for pre planned operation in hospital
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