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Do You Know..

a "dark store" is a dot com warehouse, it's laid out as a store, but is only used for dot com.

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28 Aug 2017 - Loading of vans

Could some of you share what your working practice is for the loading of vans in the morning is please?
At present we never know if our vans are loaded for us or not. Who loads your vans?
Just wondered about your opinions on this......

Staff search , 6 or 7 of us, all tip out pockets,nothing unusual, then we are told, right from Monday the only thing I want to see is your locker key, nothing else to be in your pockets. Funny most of us had just clocked out and had the usua

27 Aug 2017 - Who gains in TESCO?????

who is it that is feeding off of the loss of so many others (would your kids like to be able to afford AND FEED a dog called "Chester"? for example)

Somewhere along the way, it must be the case that a person (or persons) must be making money for their family. (If not, it must b
Attached to todays wonderful payslip was a nice note from our new manager asking us not to use the protector line as we can deal with all problems instore

24 Aug 2017 - Union rep ??

Hi , if I have a meeting about anything and they say would you like a union rep ?? Does it have to be usdaw or can I say yes , here's my rep from , unite , unison , gmb etc .
 Can they refuse a rep that isn't usdaw ??
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