Equal Value to the company?

I was just flicking through Twitter earlier when I noticed an advert for jobs in warehouse distribution at the Avonmouth Distribution Center...

Here’s the link


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DotCom Vans MOT

Hi all. New poster. Wondered if anyone knows who does the MOTs for the DotCom vans?

Van in question is a 15 plate Iveco Daily - so does this go to Iveco or just any old Joe's Garage? Cause I can say for sure a van of ours passed it's MOT today with no advisories despite numerou

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No TM or MM remarks please.

If seen, what and where ?

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Sunday opt out rejected?


I have been working Sundays for the past 4 years and since the pay decrease I wanted to opt out as I also work Saturdays so I'd like some of my weekend back and I feel like I've done my fair share of Saturdays and Sundays.

I first had a discussion with my seni

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Whats the website to complete this online please.

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