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Do You Know..

MM must ask if you wish rep/companion at meeting, and arrange if you state yes. Failure to offer/arrange is breach of procedure.

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Since Xmas falls on a Monday which is my contract day, my manager has told me in order to get paid I have to use one of my bank holidays in order to get paid.

As I recall this wasn't the case when Xmas was on another contract day in previous years, has something changed or is my mana
Hi all first time posting so bear with me

Recently in our store (Express Store) we have gone through a spate of having no staff available, either due to sickness, AWOl or resignation.
Because of this I (Shift runner) have, over the last month or so, had to:
-Organize cover after

16 Dec 2017 - CHRISTMAS 2017

I wish all members and their loved ones a very happy Christmas,  may the forks (and glasses) be with you.

The pay premiums policy for night work states:

Night Premium
You will be paid an additional £2.21 for every complete hour you work between midnight and 6am.

Does this mean that working from 10pm to 6 am on a Saturday through Sunday that you get:
2 hours normal rate
Who the heck are they.  Heard of Customer Delivery Drivers being asked to sign new contracts with the above "job title".  As far as I know there has been no change of title so is this just some local manager making it up of the top of their heads?
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