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Do You Know..

you can reclaim lost statuary holiday entitlement from previous years !

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Today at 07:07 PM - Whats going on tomorrow?

My manger has said theres some big announcements tomorrow, anyone know anything?   :question:

Today at 09:26 AM - Fresh and frozen pay.

Anyone working on fresh or frozen, is the hourly pay different from the rest of the team? considering that they work in a very cold and freezing environment.

21 Jan 2018 - Union membership.

Without going into a rant if things are not right/satisfactory what are the problems,  Is it the union(s) or the legislation that effects/controls the union(s) ?

21 Jan 2018 - Pre-booked Holidays

I notified my manager of my pre-booked holidays and pre-booked events when I attended interview and at my induction.

I was told that these would all be honoured as unpaid leave.  However now 3 months later I have been told that I HAVE to take those days out of my holiday entitlement.

21 Jan 2018 - A bit of appreciation

@Nomad is not the type (I think) to ask such a question whilst there is so much confusion going on re redundancies. And I am sure a sense of 'tact' would prevent him from asking this question.


I  (when required) possess zero-tact.


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