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Do You Know..

anyone employed before 3rd July 2005 cannot be forced to be till trained.

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19 Jun 2017 - Training

Hoping to get some advice from some of those in the know here!

Finally at the end if my tether with Tosco and looking elsewhere for my happiness!

Does our training count for anything in the real world, as a team manager (sorry) I have had to go through mountains of training for
From the union accounts for the year ending 31st December 2016.


note that the
Question; do you think that those who are on a minimum wage protected by law(which eventually we will be) should have to pay to be in a union? Or should membership be an automatic (optout-able) right that is automatically subsidized by the better paid members?

What problems would this rai
page 33 of Arena mag.


Delegates voted overwhelmingly to increase the subs by 2p a week meaning Scale A members will pay £2.36 and Scale C will pay £1.49 a week from July 3."

I think we just paid for the buffet.

Did your

13 Jun 2017 - Will I get sick pay?

Started working for tesco around july 2015.  Contracted 7.5 hours over 2 days.  By the time I return to work I will have taken 4 shifts off work in total.  Does this mean I will get paid? I've read in the handbook about the 3 day waiting rule.  So would I get paid for 4 days
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