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Do You Know..

anyone employed before 3rd July 2005 cannot be forced to be till trained.

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07 Mar 2017 - From GA to Cook!

I am trying to help out a colleague in a messy situation! She was taken on recently as a GA & during this time our cook left. She was told she had to be the new cook dispite the fact she had no hygene certs etc
She found the job very difficult & wanted to step down. The management told
I have been accused (sometimes rightly) of being a whinger on occasion. So in order to mend some fences, this thread asks you to name one good thing about tesco. By tesco I mean the tesco of NOW not the tesco of yesteryear.

If you can name more than one good thing, brilliant, but t

This was them at ADM 2016 (now let us think, what was happening to members lives back then).


This is what
If a Premier league football manager had had as much time as Lewis etc to turn around a football club, after selling off as many assets (in this analogy players) and remained in the same position in the league (in this analogy share price and market share), would the football manager and his coachin
I've accepted a position for customer service role but I've been offered a position elsewhere. Do I have to give notice?
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