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Are there any duties that are currently carried out by senior team that could not be realistically carried out by line-management?

I get the need for a figure head I s'pose but couldn't this be achieved by a satellite store manager OR even the current Regional/group level manage

07 Aug 2017 - Contract/overtime clash

I was working on checkouts up until recently, while doing so I'd agreed to work the upcoming August bank holiday.  This was back in April, so I'd totally forgotten.  Since then I've moved departments and now work in the PFS where I'm contracted on a Monday. 

07 Aug 2017 - ONE STOP -Shaftment

If any of you guys actually exist, why do you rarely publish the major tesco issues like redundancies etc?

Is it because it may effect your advertising revenues?

There is plenty of publicity in the Welsh Assembly about redundancies (not that I begrudge this for a moment)

05 Aug 2017 - Pension question.

Hi,  I am 70 years old still working for Tesco. If I take total value as cash from Tesco defined closed pension can I still continue to pay into The new LG pension.  I have worked out if I take cash cash I would only break even at 90 years old and I have other pensions so not a problem.
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