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Do You Know..

SAYE & maternity you can take a payment holiday of up to six months and still remain in the scheme.

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08 Jan 2018 - CCTV


How long is stores CCTV kept please

07 Jan 2018 - Tesco Heroes

I would like to declare Amit Soni (the tesco whistle-blower, as my tesco hero). We need more of the same to cure the canker ridden sore that is Tesco, of its many demons. There are many more demons hiding in the dark crevices of every tesco, (feeding on the despair  and desperation) of the mass

05 Jan 2018 - Bumblebee and back pain

Seems to be a lot of drivers at our store having issues with painful backs after hard/heavy runs, anyone think occupational health need called in ?

01 Jan 2018 - New year resolutions??


Apart from the obvious of finding alternative employment, retiring etc....what's yours??

I am in the middle of a disciplinary process right now which can include my dismissal from the company. My hearing is very soon and I have already had my investigation meeting. The incident being minor (compared to what I have heard), in my opinion, gives me uncertainty whether I a
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