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Title: Carrier bags
Post by: evdama on 10-08-17, 01:45PM
As usual no info from Mgmt,now we have customers asking,what is the situation with dot com when 5p bags go?
Will there still be yellow and red ones?
Title: Re: Carrier bags
Post by: Expressdude2016 on 10-08-17, 03:28PM
It's only instore shopping that the 5p bags are stopping dotcom is not changing.
Title: Re: Carrier bags
Post by: just curious on 12-08-17, 10:56AM
So once again the real shoppers - customers who visit a store and actually do there own shopping are treated differently and are discriminated against compared to the Dot Comedy shoppers who already get the best dates , freshest goods , etc etc . Why should there be a separate policy for these customers ?
Title: Re: Carrier bags
Post by: BrownEyedGirl on 12-08-17, 03:35PM
Couldn't agree more, Toscos prefer their online customers to rank and file customers.

It stinks.
Title: Re: Carrier bags
Post by: OpShunned on 07-09-17, 10:26PM

So Paying Drastic 4 million was absorbed by creaming 3.4 million off the public, who he wants to 'shaft a little more every day'  >:D

When the bag charge is 10p presumably they can skim enough off to fund Matt the twa tt;s and Alun Stewart's wages too?

Him, Matt (love my Chester) and Alun Stewart truly are the retail robber barons?

They put Dick Turpin to shame the sheis ters  :D


Tesco takes admin charges from charity plastic bag scheme

Only big grocer to take cut of donations under government initiative

Tesco has taken more than 10 per cent of the proceeds from selling carrier bags for charity to cover administration costs — the only big supermarket to take a cut of donations under a government scheme to reduce plastic bag use.

The grocer generated almost £32m from selling carrier bags, according to government figures on donations made in the year to March, but allocated £3.4m of the sales for its administrative costs. (
Title: Re: Carrier bags
Post by: Equalizer87 on 08-09-17, 11:54AM
Another disgraceful act, now they are stealing off charity initiatives.
Title: Re: Carrier bags
Post by: Openandhonest on 08-09-17, 12:25PM (  :thumbdown:
Title: Re: Carrier bags
Post by: blutopia on 08-09-17, 06:21PM
The cost savings from the far fewer bags being used should be used for admin purposes, not raiding the charity donations.
Title: Re: Carrier bags
Post by: Flatout on 08-09-17, 08:41PM
I assume that now Tesco has got rid of the 5p bag, they will keep all the money from the more expensive, but probably more profitable bag for life. Does anyone out there know if these bags come under the government scheme??
Title: Re: Carrier bags
Post by: OpShunned on 08-09-17, 11:01PM
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