Closedown Policy

Being a rep for an investigation tomorrow around not properly securing shop on closedown - usually there are 2 Managers on closedown, but on this occasion only one. What is the policy around this, is there one?

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Should managers be clocking in and out

I know for a fact that my manager does not ever  clock in or out yet he gave someone a lets talk for not clocking in. Why doesn't this apply to him aswel. Any policies regarding this.

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What matters to you

Hi, I'm just curious if "What matters to you" has any positive effect in your store, your department or anywhere in the business.


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Paternity leave

Hi all. With holiday planning coming up I want to be prepared for the 2018/19 year as I found out I'm having a child! 👍🏻👍🏻

It's still early days so I don't want to talk to my PM about it. I do want the latest policy information, though.

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Old Welham Green Site.

Have heard that Marks and Spencer are taking over the empty WG site.

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