Refused Holiday and Unpaid leave for 2019

I need some advice. I put holidays in for August and October 2019 and got refused these as someone else has been given it in the store.  I've also been told that all departments come under one roof for night workers.

I've also booked all my bank holidays for next year and

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DBS checks

Does Tesco do crb/dbs checks for customer service and loyalty assistants

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Is a 5% turnout a morally legitimate figure by which to decide elections

The following is from the;

Usdaw- President and Executive Council Elections 2018

Amy Murphy (turnout 4.9%)

Executive Council;

South Wales and Western Division
Debbie Wilson
Elliot Osborne
(turnout 5.5%)

Eastern Div

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GA's Doing Duty Shifts?

Is it just my store where naive/ambitious GAs are regularly given Duty Manager shifts?

Surely this can't be safe or legal and must be breaking a whole ream of policies.

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Compliance manager cull or not as it goes.

During the mammoth thread that was the compliance manager and personnel manager redundancies I happened to mention that our compliance manager had been offered a made up managerial role, A role that did not exist and was not advertised. Here we are a few weeks/months later and she is doing said job

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