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Do You Know..

there's possibly more here than in the staff handbook!

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11 Jun 2017 - Double Discount

Does anyone know when the next staff double discount will take place?

08 Jun 2017 - Store Transfer...

Hi all.

Just a quick question - What's the best way to go about a store transfer? I've worked at Tesco for a year - my manager and team members no longer care, the manager runs several different depts and everyone is fed up, really wanting out. Shall I apply directly online, rin
So i was telling a couple of colleagues I was going to do overtime 10-3 or 4 and they said that I wouldn't get the night premium rate from midnight onwards because I wasn't doing midnight til 6am. Apparently they were told you had to complete midnight to 6 to get premiums otherwise it woul
Hi guys.
Question; in express. Am I right in believing that you need a minimum 3 people in the building at the same time, as there must be 2 people on the shop floor at all times? So 1 person cannot be on there own on the shop floor?


07 Jun 2017 - Contracts query

Good morning, just wondering how long people have waited for their contract? Also how do I go about getting a handbook as still not been given either?
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