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Do You Know..

there's possibly more here than in the staff handbook!

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Referring to issue " Levels " which as I know the information I have got it is in: Our Tesco ? Internal Opportunities ? Search Internal Opportunities ? Work Level  WL1 to WL5.
We can see aswell in: Working Hours ? Read the Full Policy ? Page 3 - 3.  reference to Level 3 ( I
Member of my family this morning has just had a briefing about tesco underpaying staff.

They told me tesco have been underpaying some staff, not all, for the last 6 years, and they are getting the money back in this months pay on the 22nd, anyone else heard about this?

13 Sep 2017 - New PDAs

What's everyone's view on the new PDAs in store?
There are more "bank holidays" / "public holidays" than are recognised by Tesco, but can anyone tell me please who actually decides which ones will be recognised by Tesco, and which won't (in particular for Express Stores in Scotland) when this decision is made, and where th
from a post in another thread by @grocerysucks

I'm not sure if I have the permissions to post a thread so I'll vent it here.

I work the 3pm to midnight twilight shift in grocery. With my former manager, the general rule was that if we all get done early, we leave a li
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