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Forms either not being returned at all or when they are (rarely) the bottom section isn't being completed nor is any of it being signed by the manager receiving it. Also if returned usually will just have ambiguous comments such as "Fully booked", which could be taken two ways, either

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Is staff discount worth it anymore?

Since there has been a lot of discounts discontinued across the board, and the fact that tesco direct is going to close, no more discounts on alcohol, I've been doing my local shop at other stores, co-op, aldi etc , and now come to the conclusion there isn't much to be gained, the staff di

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Just had my clubcard vouchers on-line  BUT no coupons this time. Anyone else !! ??? ???

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Tesco Direct RIP

Prince Charles (Wilson) of Tosco just announced this one:

"Dear colleagues,
Following a detailed review of our non-food business, we’ve taken the difficult decision to close our Tesco Direct website on 9 July 2018. As part of this, our intention is to close the fulfilment centre

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Leaving Tesco.

Hi, I’m wondering what would happen with regards to pay if I leave before the end of my current notice period?

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