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Do You Know..

Tesco never bailed out USDAW.

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07 Jul 2017 - Benefits booklet

Does anyone know when our benefits booklet is due?

07 Jul 2017 - Working at other stores

where I work more and more staff are being asked to go to other stores to work on an almost daily basis, this is happening in all the stores in my city.

I would like to find out the rules, if any, there are on this, notice they have to give, distance they can ask you to travel, travel tim

06 Jul 2017 - Music licensing

Hi please could someone tell me if tesco has a licence to play music or where I could find out? We are told different things, at different times by different people. We have been told we can't play music at night as there is no licence but music is played in the day. So is there or isn't t

06 Jul 2017 - personal query

I wonder if anyone can help me with a simple query? When I enter a post on this site my avatar appears on the left, underneath that it has written;           snowyowl

05 Jul 2017 - Release date

I've been waiting 4 weeks to change depts with no release date as yet. Someone told me they can keep you for as long as they like now. Is this true. Thanks
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