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Do You Know..

you should always ask "Please show me the policy".

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03 Feb 2018 - New Contracts

Are new contracts being given to any drivers out there just because your store manager wants to share out the evenings and weekend shifts to everyone and so other drivers who work during the week and on days get their equal share too?
Are both depots happy with the new offer tesco have put on the table for them or will a it be voted out then a vote for industrial action be on the cards?

01 Feb 2018 - Disciplinary letter

My friend at work received a disciplinary letter and has had his hearing which resulted in a first written warning. However, in the letter it stated that manager A will be conducting the meeting and Manager B will be taking notes. However, last minute the manager's decided to switch it up and M
Is it possible to take a career break for 6 months to go to another career outside od Tesco?....

Also, is it not possible to take a lifestyle break, have 2 weeks of holidays and then another lifestyle break? As this would allow the same period of time off in total, but allow you to go ba
Got told at the Forum meeting we are a trial store for the oracle system that tells you where you will be working and for how long when you clock on.

People are divided spoke to one guy who wasnt that fussed but he cant do a lot anyway and others were a bit concerned although about what t
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