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Do You Know..

you could always ask " I want it in writing".

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Can some advise please.

1) holiday request form. Once handed in. If 7 days passes without the slip returned, what happens.

2) parental leave. Is it the same as above?
Help please - there was a pdf file of the Christmas Colleague contract in the People Policies section of OurTosco. Not there now - any chance anyone has a copy or a link?
Thanks in advance.

11 Feb 2018 - Free food

Has anyone benefitted from this new initiative ???

We have the fridge etc.....all set up, but as yet I am to see anything in it ???

How does this work in your store? Who do you pay if it's a token payment of 1p? I am a day worker, so is the food just going in the fridge at
Hello All,

I've applied for a vacancy in my store to add to my current hours and I was just wondering if anyone knew or could remember what the 8 Internal Interview questions are? Unless the interview structure has changed since I last had an interview of course. Which is why I am as
With the Recent Claims in the Headlines. Claims based on Protected Characteristics.
Are there broader concerns?
What are those concerns?
Who Ultimately will lose out in the success of such Claims?

I ask because my belief is that legislation is being stretched to highlight a
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