Store Codes

Hi I was wondering if anyone has a list of store codes for all/any of the Tesco stores near the Leeds city centre vicinity as  I know Tesco won't give out direct email addresses of staff but I believe you can email the store if you have the code. Thanks 

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New Protected Pay Policy

Well, the protected pay policy has now changed. It used to be paid over 4 years reducing by 25% per year on the anniversary date of the change in addition to reducing by any pay increase.

Protected pay is now paid over 2 years and reduces by any pay increase. It does not reduce by the 25%

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I'm being investigated for poor waste routines. I've never been investigated for anything in my long Tesco career before, what's the worst outcome for such an issue?

I was seen on cctv throwing stock straight in the bin outside. No theft, but poor routines.

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Dismissed ... but ?

Okay so i was dismissed from the company a few months ago ... but i've just been invited to an interview at another tesco store after applying online for a job ! 

On my online application it has that i worked for the company until a few month ago (i did not state i was dismisse

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Notice Period

Hi guys,
Just a quick question, what’s my notice period. I’ve been in Tesco 14 years.  Pretty sure it’s only a week but want to make sure.

Many Thanks

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