New benefit ??

Tesco are trialling a new partnership with a company called "salary finance" who in essence are pay day money lenders , so Tesco after taking our pay benefits such as our Sunday premiums, bank holiday premiums,part of our night enhancements ,  given us in real terms pay cuts for the l

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Scheduler equipment

What is this?

gomezz Spelling in topic title corrected as my OCD could not let me ignore it

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What is your gut instinct ?

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Re : invitation to investigation meeting

The letter delivered by hand to my house today, says I have to attend an investigation meeting tomorrow with the security Team Manager and Admin colleague as note taker.
Do I need to attend because I am leaving in about less than 2 weeks time.
I haven't done anything wrong or illegal

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Marked as refused to work a shift I wasn't offered

I'm on a flexi contract and was asked to do a shift but it was less than 24 hours notice so I was entitled to refuse it. I have then been marked as having refused a shift later in the day even though I was never asked to do it. When I brought this up with the team support they said because I�

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