Leaving Tesco.

Hi, I’m wondering what would happen with regards to pay if I leave before the end of my current notice period?

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Maternity Leave

Okay, So I need some help and I'll provide a little background.

I joined the store with my interviewer knowing I was in my third trimester. I expressed repeatedly that I would like to come back after taking time off for maternity.

I'm now coming up to the final few w

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I wonder.....

How many of us talk on here not knowing who each person is but actually work in the same store and even sit at the same dinner table :)

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30 year long service award

Coming up to 30 years service in August - is there an award for uk staff. And what’s the gifts that they offer? Cheers

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% of time on your 'own' dept?

If less 50% does it make you feel like a dogs-body?

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