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Just wondering who is taking the profit?
OK well VAT for a start , they are getting an extra 80p a bottle on whisky , but what about the rest?
I doubt the distillers/brewers are going to allow the retailers to increase their margins so how is the money going to flow down ?


01 May 2018 - Anxiety and my manager

Hi there I've been with tesco for 6 months.  Tomorrow I've got to see my manager about a double scan I did whilst on the till.   I am very shy and nervous.  This is my 2nd time I've done this in the 6 months.  I am terrified my manager will have a go at me.  W

01 May 2018 - Intimidated at work

I work in Dotcom as a picker, I keep my head down and always exceed the pickrate. My team leader speaks to me as though i'm garbage so I barely speak. In our team lots of staff won't do any chilled trollies so I mentioned that the first trolley should be chosen each time to be fair to othe

01 May 2018 - Long service badge

A poster has gone up asking long service staff too go get their long service badge I thought is there any long service staff left and myself feel why bother after the way I've been treated in past years loosing double time priemiums ect I feel let down and disappoint with Tesco and the union fo
I mean I've worked in Tesco for several years and have worked with a lot of store managers and of course the vast majority of these managers aren't all there.

Obviously I understand they will always try to be better than the previous manager and have targets.

But why
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