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04 Jan 2019 - Am I permanent ?

If I have been sent a letter about the companies pension scheme and how to join does that mean I'm permanent staff now?

I was festive for Christmas and they have given me flex sheets going into next week.

They haven't told me anything yet and I don't know who to

04 Jan 2019 - Job role change

Can anyone tell me that if you have worked in Tesco a number of years,and applied for a different role. If you didn't like it,do you have to be in it 6 months before you apply for another role. Apparently the jobs are interview based and managers know who gets the jobs,if the face fits. I total

01 Jan 2019 - What is the big secret?

Hi all -  What is the big secret??
 Both me and my partner work for Tesco and when we ask wage clerks about  explaining the night premiums, the other premiums, extra premiums and any other blooming premiums, they all clam up???
 Its like they are a member of the Wages Masons !!!<

01 Jan 2019 - Happy new year

To all have a happy new year and all the very best for 2019!!  :thumbup:

29 Dec 2018 - Overtime cancellation

Hey, what’s the rules around cancelling overtime shifts? We’ve had people come in to work them only to be sent home mid way through. I was pretty sure there was a minimum 24 hours notice that has to be given for this?
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