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Anyone have info on store clusures / conversions to the new discounter subsidary ?

I undsertand Middlewhich is one such store

What options are colleagues been offered etc ?

31 Jul 2018 - Disciplinary

I’ve recently had a investigation and it’s been sent to disciplinary next week,The accusations are for my behaviour towards staff. As part of the evidence they are using some one to ones I’ve had,in my meeting I questioned the number they put was more than I was aware of having and they said some we

30 Jul 2018 - P45 ??

If dismissed from the company when is it likely I will receive my P45 ?

26 Jul 2018 - student transfers

Hi I was wondering out of interest how many people have been successful in obtaining a student transfer? My daughter will be applying for a student transfer for September 2018 as soon as the form is available online but was wondering if she should also be looking for jobs with other companies just i
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